4 thoughts on “A thousand words

  1. Melisa, Layne, Ella and Kaitlin,
    What a beautiful family. The babies are wonderful and worth all the time I spent on the knitting before their birth and in the future. I can not wait to see them in the flesh.
    Melissa, you look great!
    God Bless and see you all soon.
    Layne, Hector says good job, you are going to have your hands full.
    Love, Jami and Hector

  2. Why oh why did I have to have a cold this week? I am dying to hold those little girls! The pictures are killin’ me, they’re just so cute. I promise I’ll wait till I’m totally well, but then…watch out!

    LBL, your genetically engineered babies definately got the cute genes from Melissa! You are going to have your hands full fighting off the boys. Prepare yourself!

  3. WOW!!!
    They’re beautiful, just like mom. Good thing too, Layne’s a little hairy.
    Congrats and we’ll see y’all soon.
    Scott, Deborah, Joshua, Jacob and Krypto

  4. Congratulations! The long wait has paid off! They are beautiful. I can’t wait to go shopping for the girls. Ella & Kaitlin definitely take after their mommy. Please call if you need anything. I know we’re in Charlotte but sometimes a little long distance chat can do wonders :) We can’t wait to meet them. Best wishes to you and your beautiful new family. Have a great holiday season.

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