World Premier Video

To make up for the recent lack of posts, I’m going to let you see the very first video footage of the twins, LBL-style. It starts off slow, but there is a slight payoff if you have your speakers on. They don’t really do much yet, so I had to spice it up with some 80’s glam rock. See if you can name the song before they sing the title line. Betcha can’t do it…

9 thoughts on “World Premier Video

  1. That is good stuff big daddy layne. They are precious! I am sure you guys are already seeing how fast they grow, their schedules change just the same, hang in there. xo

  2. Love it Layne. Gangsta signs at their age? You da man. Glad to see the girls are keeping you alert…at night anyway.

  3. Looks like Melissa’s doing a great job taking care of the twins while you’re playing Hollywood.

  4. Layne- Loved it! You’re still staying creative, despite the sleep loss!! Poor Rudy still looks like he’s reluctantly trying to adjust.

  5. Okay, my very favorite part is the sneeze/huah in the middle. Now I see why you really wanted kids – gives you a reason to play with your night vision camera! Ah-ha! :)

  6. I want to know why the hell you have a night vision camera to begin with….nonetheless, that was absolutely hilarious. And I must agree with Kristy—the “sneeze/huah” made me laugh out loud.

  7. So I was showing this video to my roommate, and she pointed out the strangest thing. Ella, in the shot where she’s wearing an “E” on her shirt, has formed the letter “E” with her hand. Similarly, Kaitlin’s shot with the letter “K” on her shirt, she’s formed the letter “K” with her hand…

    (My roommate is amusingly slightly autistic with this kind of thing…but she’s right with her observation!!) Did you notice that??

  8. Layne,

    It looks like you and Melissa are doing well and have your hands full. I’ve been down here in L.A. TV is being reinvented down here so I’m having some fun with that and thinking of ways to escape back to the mountain. We will begin shooting the sequel to Hot Dog this winter. What’s with everybody I know having twins in the last 6 mos.?


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