The rarely-seen Double Naughty Corner Maneuverâ„¢

The Double Naughty Corner

One of the unexpected bonuses about the design of the new house was this little wall section that I thought would prove the perfect little isolation barrier. Kind of like what they used to use on the Dating Game. Problem is, it doesn’t really work. It may look like it in this photo, but the “sitting still” part lasted just long enough to get this shot.

World Premier Video

To make up for the recent lack of posts, I’m going to let you see the very first video footage of the twins, LBL-style. It starts off slow, but there is a slight payoff if you have your speakers on. They don’t really do much yet, so I had to spice it up with some 80’s glam rock. See if you can name the song before they sing the title line. Betcha can’t do it…