World Premier Video

To make up for the recent lack of posts, I’m going to let you see the very first video footage of the twins, LBL-style. It starts off slow, but there is a slight payoff if you have your speakers on. They don’t really do much yet, so I had to spice it up with some 80’s glam rock. See if you can name the song before they sing the title line. Betcha can’t do it…

Welcome, welcome

Ok, so you’re here, now what? Well, not a whole heck of a lot – yet. Things should pick up in about a week. I’m planning on making this place the central repository for all cute pictures, hilarious vomit- and/or doody-related stories, and postings of current events relating to the Lev family as we are thrust headfirst into the glorious world of multiple baby ownership. It should be mildly interesting, at least to those of you who are related to and/or pretending to like us.

The front page only has excerpts of the postings. To read a full post, click on either the headline or the “read this post” link at the bottom of each excerpt. All new pictures worth posting will go into the photo galleries, so keep an eye on them from time to time. Most of the images in postings should be clickable. You can navigate through them with the “N” key or go backwards with the “P” key. Or push the buttons that appear when you hover over the image. The “X” key will close the picture window. Try it here:

Rudy on couch Rudy rolling on carpet Rudy relaxing on couch

Nice work. That’s about it for now. We’re just sitting around anxiously awaiting B-Day, which will be November 29th unless the girls decide to make an early arrival. They’re about five and a half pounds each right now, meaning Melissa could have around thirteen pounds of baby in her at the time of delivery. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m a guy.
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