Kaitlin’s new helmet

Kaitlin went in to have her head scanned for her new head-shaping helmet today. She had a flat spot on the back of her head, probably from being squished in mommy’s belly with Ella, so she’ll have to wear the helmet for several months to try to correct it. She’s supposed to wear it 23 hours a day. Some babies don’t mind them at all, some have a problem with it. She was a total trooper during the actual scanning, so we’re optimistic she’ll deal with it ok. At least she’ll have some good protection for when she takes a big spill…

Kaitlin getting her head scanned Kaitlin getting her head scanned Kaitlin in her new helmet Kaitlin in her new helmet 

The girls’ first swim day

Well the girls’ first swim day started out a lot better than it ended. We had a lot of fun dressing them in their new swimsuits and doing an impromptu photo shoot. The actual getting in the water part? Not so much fun. Neither Kaitlin or Ella were having any of it. Oh well, we’ll keep trying.

Kaitlin in swimsuit Ella in swimsuit Ella crying in the pool Kaitlin crying in the pool 

The Six Month Update

Kaitlin and Ella on bed

Well we’re coming up to six months and I guess it’s pretty clear we’re a little busier these days than we used to be. We’ve still got a stack of thank you notes to write so if haven’t received yours yet, just know that I decided to spend the time writing this instead. Here’s a little state of the union on the girls:

Kaitlin smiling

Nickname: Bloobs

Kaitlin’s the more reserved one. Getting a smile out of her takes a little work, so you really feel like you earned it when you get one. We call her Bloobs because the doctor remarked that she had blueberries for eyes and it just kinda stuck. A few weeks ago, we noticed the back of her head had a flat spot on it, something that is fairly common with twins. We took her in for a 3d head scan and they are going to mold a little plastic helmet that she’ll have to wear for a few months to get her head back into shape. Some babies get so attached to the helmets that they don’t want to take them off, while others hate them. So we’ll see which one Kaitlin is soon.

Ella smirking

Nickname: Gizmo

Ella won the race for first tooth, with a little stump poking through in the front just today. She’s called Gizmo because she’s always trying to break things and she turns evil when we feed her after midnight (for those of you that remember the movie Gremlins). She’s a perpetual motion machine. You know how they said Barry Sanders was such a good runner because his legs never stopped churning? Well I think Ella could take him in a 40-yard dash. If she could only figure out how to walk. Also, I’m pretty sure she has Tourette’s but just doesn’t know the words yet.

World Premier Video

To make up for the recent lack of posts, I’m going to let you see the very first video footage of the twins, LBL-style. It starts off slow, but there is a slight payoff if you have your speakers on. They don’t really do much yet, so I had to spice it up with some 80’s glam rock. See if you can name the song before they sing the title line. Betcha can’t do it…

So what’s the deal?

Am I going to do the typical blogger thing and start posting once every six months after my first ten posts? Probably. Deal with it, I am a parent of twins now. I barely have time to brush my teeth. But in the interests of keeping things going a little longer, I’m going to repurpose my latest Guyology article from HiS Magazine. Stay tuned early next week for the girls’ first music video and news on a possible guest appearance on The Rotted Brain podcast.

On to the recycling…
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More pictures – now with less facial hair

Here are a few things I learned in my first six days of fatherhood:

  • They put a big sheet up during a C-section, but after delivery they may take it down without warning. Be careful where you look.
  • Baby poo is supposed to be black and tar-like and (thankfully) doesn’t smell yet.
  • Everybody “knows someone who has twins.”
  • Babies drink more than anybody I went to college with.

There’s a lot more to learn, I’m sure. It’s been a crazy week but I’ve never had so much fun in all my life. More pics…


IMG_6328.JPG IMG_6319 IMG_6354.JPG IMG_6333.JPG IMG_6373.JPG


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