Day one recap

Wow, to say that this was a big day is a bit of an understatement. Here’s how it all went down…

Melissa and I woke up pretty early this morning, neither of us could really sleep in anticipation of the big day. We finished packing up, threw the car seats (which we still need to figure out) in the back of the car, and headed out to Melissa’s folks to drop Rudy off for his extended vacation.

The before pic

We got to the hospital at around 10:30, and before we knew it Melissa was drugged up and I was looking ubercool in a set of blue scrubs and shower cap. I thought my beard was annoying before, but it was a real treat with that mask on. I sat in the hall and waited for the doctors to finish prepping Melissa so I amused myself by taking a few self portraits.

Waiting for surgery

The actual procedure went very quickly. As soon as I heard Kaitlin crying, a wave of calm came over me. It wasn’t long before her sister was joining in.

Kaitlin being measured Ella fresh out of the oven Ella Our first moment with the girls

Melissa got a little loopy towards the end. She doesn’t even remember us taking our group photo. They took her to recovery and I accompanied the girls to the nursery. One thing I was not prepared for was all the walking. Prior to the delivery, I made three trips down to the lobby and to the car. Melissa insisted we take our bags up with us, and as soon as we walked into triage they suggested I take them back to the car. It wouldn’t have been a huge deal if Melissa’s bag didn’t weight 300 pounds. Once I got back, we realized we had left the cord blood kits in her bag, so it was back to the car for me. After that, it was time to take her purse back. Fast forward through the delivery, and I started shuttling people two at a time up to the nursery to view the munchkins.

Kaitlin chillin' Kaitlin at full volume

Eventually, everyone was brought to the hospital room we will be calling home for the next few days. The girls have been really great so far, doing a lot of sleeping and not too much crying. I’ve been reading Melissa your comments, so keep ‘em coming. Between the video and the photo cameras I’ve been whipping out, I think the nurses all think I’m slightly nuts.

Melissa with both girls for the first time Melissa and Ella Grandma Kathy and Kaitlin Ella snoozin' Grandpop Warren and Kaitlin Pappa Layne and Ella

That’s it for now. I’ll post another update tomorrow night.

Watch this space

It’s officially B-Day. We’re heading into the hospital at 10:30am and should be in delivery at noon. I’ll send out an update as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone for all your kind wishes and support. Do I look worried?

What, me worry?

Maybe a little.

Goodbye Monday Night Football, Hello Kitty

Kaitlin and Ella, in cartoon form

A few people suggested I share this article I wrote for the last issue of HiS Magazine, so here you go…

The simple fact is that when most guys find out they are going to become a father, they secretly hope their newborn child will be a boy. If they’re smart, they’ll keep that to themselves and spout the “I am just hoping for a happy, healthy baby” company line, but we all know what they’re really thinking. Why the predisposition to the male gender? Some of the reasons are obvious. Little boys are easier to recruit for watching football on Sundays. They’re usually a little less fragile so you can body slam them onto the couch harder without fear of a lawsuit or divorce. Those of us whose dreams of a pro baseball career didn’t pan out probably look at a son as life’s little reset button; a chance to correct one of the most egregious omissions in sports history–in our minds anyway. The other half of the equation is most likely our fear of the unknown. We don’t know anything about what being a little girl is like. We’ve never braided a pony tail, we don’t know a Care Bear from a My Little Pony, and we are scared to death of the thought of dealing with a teenage girl. I’m 33 years old and I’ve never attended a tea party in my life. I wouldn’t know what to do if I did, but it sounds mind-numbingly dull.
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Welcome, welcome

Ok, so you’re here, now what? Well, not a whole heck of a lot – yet. Things should pick up in about a week. I’m planning on making this place the central repository for all cute pictures, hilarious vomit- and/or doody-related stories, and postings of current events relating to the Lev family as we are thrust headfirst into the glorious world of multiple baby ownership. It should be mildly interesting, at least to those of you who are related to and/or pretending to like us.

The front page only has excerpts of the postings. To read a full post, click on either the headline or the “read this post” link at the bottom of each excerpt. All new pictures worth posting will go into the photo galleries, so keep an eye on them from time to time. Most of the images in postings should be clickable. You can navigate through them with the “N” key or go backwards with the “P” key. Or push the buttons that appear when you hover over the image. The “X” key will close the picture window. Try it here:

Rudy on couch Rudy rolling on carpet Rudy relaxing on couch

Nice work. That’s about it for now. We’re just sitting around anxiously awaiting B-Day, which will be November 29th unless the girls decide to make an early arrival. They’re about five and a half pounds each right now, meaning Melissa could have around thirteen pounds of baby in her at the time of delivery. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m a guy.
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