What we did over summer vacation – 2008 edition

We took a nice trip to Avila Beach over the 4th of July weekend. Melissa found a killer place to rent right on the beach, which just happened to have a perfect dual kitchen set up for the impending Burger-Off™. The girls had a nice time overall, but definitely preferred to hang out in the house or at the park rather than at the beach. They had a big problem with walking around in the sand for some reason.

The Family Ella getting into the water bottles Kaitlin drinking water Kaitlin looking out the window Melissa and Ella Linda pushing Kaitlin on the swing Melissa and Kaitlin Kaitlin going down the slide 

The night of the 4th was the big Burger-Off™ showdown between me and Kathy. I offered my twist on the classic American cheeseburger with patriotic bun treatment and Captain Morgan chocolate shooters while Kathy countered with her Napa Valley Basil Burgers. Due to a grill malfunction we both had to share a grill, which didn’t affect the competition too much even though Kathy used a grill pan (the grilling equivalent of training wheels). In the end, both burgers turned out great but there could only be one winner. See if you can guess who won…

Layne posing with his Classic All-American Cheeseburgers™ Layne and Kathy in the Burger-Off Posing with the winning burgers